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Joseph's Hope Foundation is a non-profit organzation dedicated to raising money to assist families with adoption expenses.

Named after our two Korean adopted children, Joseph Austin and Natalie Hope, this foundation's primary goal is to provide financial assistance to families currently going through the adoption process. This is a long, tedious and very expensive process, but one that results in a home for an orphaned child.

Due to the rising costs in adoptions, it is becoming more and more difficult for the average American family to fully fund an adoption. However, the number of children that need homes is not decreasing. Thus, we've created this organization to "Bring Families Together" by providing grants to families currently seeking to open their home to a child that needs a family.

A Case for Dignity

Imagine you wake up to strangers telling you that you need to leave your home right now. Imagine you see those strangers grabbing your favorite toy, your best pair of jeans, your blanket and putting them in garbage bags. Now imagine you are 16, 11, 5, or 2 years old and see your possessions treated as if they were garbage - being stuffed into empty trash bags.

Hundreds of children experience this every year in the state of Kentucky as they are moved into the foster care system. Help us improve this transition by giving each child who must leave their home a proper piece of luggage in which to place their belongings. No child should feel like they or their precious things are trash.

Our purpose is to make A CASE FOR DIGNITY. Will you help?